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The Best Men’s Joggers

First and foremost, athletic sweatpants/jogger pants are designed with one thing in mind – comfort. While they’ve come along in leaps and bounds in terms of wearability and style (and are no longer attached to horrendous 90s men’s tracksuits), they still are, and always will be about their practicality and relaxed look.

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That being said, however, they’re not restricted to the gym and lounging about at home as they once were; new cuts and designer sweatpants have pushed the humble jogger into the realms of acceptance for more casual settings. Finding a pair suited to wearing out and about still comes with its own set of guidelines, however. The wrong cut, design or styling choices can quickly throw you into the realms of sloppy and careless dressing so we’ve outlined a few of your best options below so you can avoid any questionable looks.


Another way to wear your best joggers is to throw on a crewneck T-shirt with a simple sweater over the top. In this case, it’s best to go with relatively slim fitted sweatpants, tapered sweatpants or cuffed sweatpants or generally tight sweatpants, as anything baggy will only distort your silhouette, leaving you looking very bottom heavy. Wearing joggers and a sweatshirt will leave you on the very close edge of going too casual, so if you want to make it that bit more wearable, add a jacket. Again, a pair of trainers will suit this look, but make sure they are clean! Anything dirty will make the whole outfit look scruffy and far too casual.

How to Dress up Joggers

Last up, while we’d never recommend replacing your smart trousers with a pair of joggers, for a smart casual setting they might just pass. Nothing but slim fit tracksuit or jogging bottoms will work in this scenario as anything baggier will completely throw off the cleaner look you’re going for. Below, we have styled up a pair of joggers to make a smart-casual look. Even though the trousers are joggers, the rest of the outfit is smart which gives it the perfect balance. To get this look, wear your slim-fit joggers with a plain long or short-sleeved T-shirt and layer over an overcoat. A scarf will keep you warm if it’s cold outside. Finally, wear some plain white socks and finish the look with some loafers.

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