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They Seek Out The Right Scents

“Men who smell great have usually set aside time to explore the field and discovered, through experimentation, what works best with their skin chemistry and personality,”says James Craven of independent perfumers Les Senteurs. Craven believes that if a man’s as thoughtful about his fragrance as he is about his clothes, then he can’t go far wrong.

They Factor In Sun Protection

It’s now known that the sun’s UV rays – even on dull winter days – are the skin’s worst enemy, leading to photoaging and DNA damage. Guys who want to look as good for as long as possible know this and remember to protect their skin from sun damage on a daily basis using sunscreen.

They Think Ahead

“Our fast-paced modern lifestyle means we can forget some essentials,” says barber and male grooming expert Jason Shankey. “So it’s a good idea to set up a recurring appointment with your barber for a haircut and eyebrow tidy-up, and sync that appointment with your smartphone, ensuring your barber of choice is always free to cut your hair just when it’s needed.”

They Treat Their Hair (And Scalp) With Respect

We all know looking after your hair is important but, according to award-winning hairdresser Jamie Stevens, it’s how you look after it that’s crucial.

“Shampooing is not something you should ever do aggressively – the same can be said for towel drying,” he says. “When shampooing your hair, gentle circular motions are just as effective as a good old scrub, but will cause less hair follicle damage. Guys also need to get into the habit of patting their hair dry with a towel as opposed to vigorously rubbing it – especially if they want to avoid unnecessary hair loss and breakage.”


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